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Position Title:Personnel Director

Name:Tsun-Jung Ko

TEL:886-4-7111111ext: 1600


Responsible for the business:

Organizational procedures revision

Amendments to personnel regulations

Human resources management and development

Annual Performance And Evaluation of Teachers and Employees

Position Title:Section Chief , Human Resource Management Section

Name:Yu-Chen Cheng

Phone:Extension 1601


Primary Job Description:

Teacher license application

Government Employee and School Staff Insurance

National Health Insurance of faculty and staff

Analysis of faculty personnel statistics

Position Title:Section Chief , Human Resource Development Section

Name:Yang-Shuenn Hsu

Phone:Extension 1603


Primary Job Description:

◆Execution and Statistics of Annual Faculty and Staff Evaluation

◆Improving the Regulations and Systems of Annual Faculty and Staff Evaluation

Position Title:Clerks

Name:Li-Chin Lin

Phone:Extension 1602


Position Title:Assistant

Name:Cheng-yi Ruan

Phone:Extension 1602